Ron Helpman L.C.S.W is a clinical social worker in practice since 1993.

After completing undergraduate degrees in biology (University of Sydney Medal in Biology) and psychology (Magna Cum Laude, University of Tel Aviv), He obtained his Master’s degree in Social Work at Hunter College in New York City. He then studied Gestalt therapy, an approach that emphasizes the development of in-the-moment self-awareness.

He has an interactive style in which integrates cognitive-behavioral, psychoanalytic, interpersonal and gestalt approaches with an understanding of neuropsychology. He has a particular interest in motivation and attention problems including procrastination and ADD.

He has helped clients with a range of issues including:
• anxiety
• depression
• procrastination
• substance abuse
• relationship conflicts
• career and workplace issues.

In therapy, his first goal is to help clients develop an awareness of the habitual thoughts and feelings that direct their actions. This awareness allows them to examine their assumptions and deal with their emotional responses in more self-enhancing ways. At the same time, taking action in the world, whether it be in relationships or work contexts, is usually an important part of the process. Likewise, looking back to childhood experiences can help make sense of those habitual patterns and help identify unmet needs. More simply, feeling understood and respected by an impartial nonjudgmental person can improve self-esteem and reduce shame and guilt that stand in the way of a good life.

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